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How Is Capacity of HOWO Dump Truck 


The capacity of HOWO dump truck is always a heated question for many customers. HOWO dump truck is one of famous dump trucks in China. It has excellent performance, high quality and durable life. But many people are not familiar with HOWO dump truck, they don’t know about the capacity of HOWO dump truck. So here I will introduce you about it.



How many cubic is HOWO dump truck?

What is the cubic capacity of a 10 wheeler dump truck?

How many cubic is a 12 wheeler dump truck?

What is the load capacity of HOWO dump truck?

Is HOWO dump truck a good investment?



How many cubic is HOWO dump truck?

The increasing requirement of the urban transportation force, especially in the construction industry, has promoted the development of various types of large-scale trucks. The chassis size and cab design have been upgraded continuously, which makes it possible to carry large amounts of excavation materials and equipment. In order to meet diversified needs in terms of capacity, some companies have developed a series of new products at different times.

In order to have a higher loading capacity, Sinotruk launched the Howo dump truck. Howo dump trucks are mainly heavy-duty dump trucks, whether it is 6×4 or 8×4, with a high carrying capacity. The size of cargo compartment ranges from 15CBM to 25CBM. The overall load capacity of HOWO dump truck is around 15 tons.

Capacity of HOWO Dump Truck

What is the cubic capacity of a 10 wheeler dump truck?

To find out, you need to know how many cubic yards are in one load. A standard load contains 40 yards of material, which makes it equal to 2.5 tons or 5,000 lbs. The 10 wheeler dump truck can carry between 20 and 50 tons of material at a time.

If there is a higher demand, you can choose to increase the dump truck cargo box or a dump truck with more carrying capacity, such as a 12 wheeler dump truck.

How many cubic is a 12 wheeler dump truck?

Dump trucks are a type of truck with a considerable amount of capacity. They can be used to transport large volumes of materials, including sand, gravel, stone, concrete and soil. The most common dump truck is the 12 wheeler dump truck; however there are different types depending on the size and vehicle you require.

A 12 wheeler dump truck is a large vehicle which has been specifically designed for transporting heavy loads over long distances efficiently and economically. The accurate sizing means that it’s capable of carrying up to 33 tonnes at one time – making them ideal for transporting materials such as sand or gravel from quarries or mineshafts where they may be sourced directly from landowner/developer sites onto nearby construction projects where they will be processed into concrete or asphalt ready for use in constructing roads or building foundations etcetera.”

HOWO T7H Euro3 Used Dump Truck

What is the load capacity of HOWO dump truck?

It is a common question. How many cubic is a HOWO dump truck? And how much is capacity of HOWO dump truck?

This question will be answered in detail here: Firstly, you should know that the standard HOWO dump trucks are 6 wheelers, 10 wheelers and 12 wheelers. 6 wheelers are generally used for the transportation of general construction materials; 10-wheelers are mainly used for transporting construction materials such as concrete and sand; 12-wheelers have higher carrying capacity than other models and are usually used for transporting bulk materials or soil.

HOWO-7 Euro3 used dump truck

Is HOWO dump truck a good investment?

HOWO dump truck’s investment is a good one because it is durable and cost effective. The product is designed to last longer than other trucks of the same kind, which means that you will not have to go through the trouble of purchasing another one during its lifetime. You can also save your money by buying this model as it costs less than other dump trucks with similar features and capabilities. In addition, you do not need to worry about maintenance because it has features that make it easy for you to fix any problem that occurs in its engine or body parts.

The HOWO dump truck’s durability, efficiency and reliability makes it an ideal investment for those who want reliable equipment without paying too much money on them.


Dump truck capacity is one of the most important aspects when it comes to investing in a brand new vehicle. It’s crucial that you know how many cubic yards of material your dump truck can hold before making any decisions about buying or leasing a one. If you are looking at purchasing a HOWO dump truck, then consider renting one first so that you can test out its capabilities and see if it meets all your needs!


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