<h2 class="wp-block-post-title">Concrete Mixer Truck– An Essential Part of The Construction Industry</h2>

Concrete Mixer Truck– An Essential Part of The Construction Industry


Concrete mixer truck is a vehicle used to transport concrete and other construction materials. Concrete mixer trucks are often used for forming large structures like buildings, bridges and dams.

What is concrete mixer truck?

Introduction of concrete mixer truck

A concrete mixer truck is a vehicle used to transport and mix concrete. It is a truck with a drum that rotates in a circular motion to mix the materials together. The mixer may be powered by an external power source or it may be powered by its own engine. The operator of the vehicle can control how much water and cement are added, depending on the amount needed for each batch of concrete being mixed.

Application of the concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer trucks are used primarily for transporting ready-mixed concrete from a concrete batching plant to construction sites where it will be used to pave roads, sidewalks or driveways; however, they can also assist in other applications such as pouring new foundations at construction sites if required by law.

Life service

Typically five years for the mixer truck loading dry materials and seven years for wet materials. Generally, the mixer truck is prone to problems after 3 years. It depends onthe maintenance and the truck manufacturer.


HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck

What is the difference between a cement truck and a concrete truck?

Difference between cement and concrete

There is a difference between cement and concrete. Concrete is a combination of cement, sand and gravel that is used for building roads and buildings. Cement is the powder used to make concrete by mixing it with water. It also has other uses such as mortar (a paste used between bricks) and plastering over walls inside or outside your house.

Concrete is made from cement, sand and gravel by mixing them together. Concrete mixer trucks are used to transport this mixture from one place to another. They usually have rotating drums inside so that when they arrive at the site where concrete needs pouring on top of something like a road or building foundation, all you need do is pour some water over it and you’re ready (depending how wet or dry your local weather conditions happen to be).

There are 3 major characteristics of concrete mixer truck: professional, time sensitive and short transport distance.

How much concrete fits in a concrete mixer truck?

To determine how much concrete you can fit in your concrete mixer truck, you first need to know the volume of the drum. The volume of the drum is determined by the size of the mixer and motor. The size of these two things depends on what engine you’re using.

Steps to determine the volume of concrete mixer truck

The first step is to determine the volume of your truck. The simplest way to do this is by taking measurements from top to bottom and side to side at various positions on the vehicle.

The next step is to determine the volume of your mixer. This is done by measuring from bottom to top and across the front of the drum at various points around its circumference. Make sure not to measure diagonally as this will cause inaccuracies.

Once you’ve found these measurements, multiply them together then divide by four.

The result is called the concrete mixer truck capacity. The volume of your truck can be calculated by multiplying its length by its width and height. You can use this formula to find out how many cubic yards are needed for a given amount of concrete.

mixing drum

How much HP does a concrete mixer truck have?

The horsepower of a concrete mixer truck depends on the size of the truck. Generally, the bigger the truck, the more HP (horsepower) it needs to carry around its heavy load. You can work out how much HP your truck needs by multiplying engine size by RPMs, which gives you total power output in watts.

The maximum torque delivered at any given time will be equal to this figure divided by wheel diameter and multiplied by 100%When mixing your concrete, check that the concrete mixer truck has been switched off and then open the hatch on top of the drum. While doing so, take care to avoid touching any moving parts or getting caught in them.


How does a concrete mixer truck work?

Working principle

The working principle is similar to taht of the self-loading concrete mixer truck. concrete mixer truck’s drum is mounted on a rotating shaft. This shaft is powered by a motor, which takes its energy from the diesel engine mounted underneath the cab. The drive belt then distributes this power to turn the drum and mix up your concrete of choice.

concrete mixer truck

How much does a concrete mixer truck cost?

The price of the truck that people focus most

The cost of a concrete mixer truck is determined by several factors, including the model and size of the vehicle. For example, a small 2.5m3 concrete mixer truck can be purchased for as little as $50,000, while larger models with more cylinders and horsepower can cost up to $750,000. The main reason they’re so expensive is because they are built to withstand heavy usage in all weather conditions—they have thick steel frames and strong axles that don’t bend easily under pressure from heavy loads.



Now that we’ve talked about concrete mixer trucks and their cost, it is time for you to make an informed decision. You can choose from many different options out there depending on what type of work you need done. Keep in mind that having the right equipment saves time and money so don’t hesitate when purchasing one for your business!

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