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Construction Dump Truck: What Is the Price


Construction dump trucks are used for transporting loose materials and bulk materials, such as gravel, sand, soil and rocks. They are also used for loading and unloading of heavy construction equipment components. The construction dump truck is designed to operate on rough terrains like farms or construction sites with uneven surfaces. It can carry heavy loads of up to 30 tons (27 metric tonnes).

What is construction dump truck?

Construction dump truck is a truck that is used to carry construction materials. This type of dump truck is usually used on construction sites, where it can be used to carry soil, gravel and other construction materials. It can also be used to carry materials that are too heavy to be carried by hand.

A typical dump truck has a front-end loader for loading and unloading earth materials from the ground or more commonly from an overburden pile located near the earth excavation site. The front-end loader uses hydraulic cylinders with rubberized tracks at the bottom of each side rail which can be raised as needed during operation so that they do not interfere with wheel loading operations as well as in order for them not get caught up under tires when dumping loads back onto their bedplates.

construction dump truck

How big is a construction dump truck?

The size of a construction dump truck

The size of a construction dump truck also depends on the size of your construction site. The construction dump truck can be anywhere from 50-60 feet long and is usually employed by contractors and other large companies to transport materials from one location to another, such as from a mine or quarry all the way back to their processing facility.

These trucks are designed for hauling heavy loads at high speeds over long distances, so they’re equipped with powerful engines that produce up to 600 horsepower. When compared with other types of trucks on the road today—even those that haul cargo—it’s easy to see why these vehicles are so popular among businesses looking for efficient ways to move materials around their facilities!

What is the difference between construction dump truck and mining dump truck?

The primary difference between construction dump trucks and mining dump trucks is in their size. Construction dump trucks are smaller than mining dump trucks and are used to haul dirt and materials. Mining dump trucks are much larger than construction dump trucks, which makes them more powerful and ideal for loading ore, as well as other bulk materials.

If you’re planning on using a large mining or construction site, it’s important that you consider both the weight of your load and how far it needs to go before being unloaded. Both types of vehicles come with different capacities ranging from 10 tons all the way up to 80 tons or more; however, if you’re only working with lighter loads (such as dirt) then using a smaller truck might work just fine for your needs because it won’t need as much power from its engine.


What is the best construction dump truck?

There are several different types of construction dump trucks to choose from, including off-road dump trucks, transfer dump trucks and side-dump models.

If you’re in the market for a new construction dump truck or looking to buy used equipment, it’s important to know what type will work best for your needs so that you can find the right fit without compromising quality.

Standard dump truck

The most popular type of construction dump truck is the standard model, which features a front loader and rear hoist as well as an operator cab at the front end for easy access when driving on highways or other paved roads. Standard models come with three-axle configurations or four-axle configurations.

HOWO standard dump truck

Transfer dump truck

Other popular options include side-dump trucks and transfer dump trucks – both offer easy loading capabilities while providing additional storage space inside their bodies so they can carry more materials than standard units do by taking advantage of vertical space instead of horizontal space like standard models do when they tip up over their beds before dumping out everything inside them onto another surface area during dumping operations at construction sites.

Off-road dump truck

There are also off-road dump trucks for sale, which might be more expensive than standard models but are capable of traveling over uneven terrain without getting stuck in deep ruts or muddy areas where other types could get bogged down.

The best type of construction dump truck will depend on what kind of work you need it to do. If your work requires that the truck be able to carry heavy loads over rough terrain then an off-road model might be what you need.

Another consideration is the truck’s capacity. This is the amount of weight that the truck can carry and dump. A smaller capacity is fine if you don’t have many large loads to move, but it might be more economical to buy a larger capacity model over time instead of having to upgrade every time work increases.


How much is a construction dump truck price?

Construction dump trucks are available in a range of sizes and capacities, which can impact the cost. A common size for a construction dump truck is 27 cubic yards (approximately 18 tons), but some models can go up to 32 cubic yards (approximately 23 tons). Prices for smaller, lighter-duty models may start at less than $50,000, while larger models with more features could cost up to $250,000 or more.

Construction dump trucks come in many styles and types. Some features found on them include:

Power operation

Construction dump trucks that require manual operation are generally cheaper than those that have power systems; however, they often require more maintenance and repair work due to their lack of automation.

Engine type

Diesel engines offer increased productivity because they can haul heavier loads at faster speeds than gas engines; however, diesel fuel costs more than gasoline—so if you’re looking for maximum efficiency from your construction dump truck over time then consider purchasing one with an electric motor instead.

With these options, you can find the best construction dump truck to fit your needs and budget.



When you’re looking for a new dump truck, the choices can be overwhelming. There are so many different types of trucks available, from traditional 8-wheeled models to 6 and 4 wheeler styles.

The construction dump truck is one type of truck that has been around for decades, if you want a used one, you can contact us!


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