Details about SITRAK G7H Dump Truck

1 2022-05-20

● Mountain version of the cab is only to adapt to the characteristics of the mountains
This dump truck is the mountain version of SITRAK G7H dump truck, which is suitable for road heavy-duty transportation and heavy-duty transportation in mountainous areas. In order to better adapt to the working environment, the cab first expressed its sincerity: MAN TGA flat-top and narrow-body cabs are more flexible when there are many cars on the road. Efficiency is the top priority.

SITRAK G7H dump truck
When driving in the mountains, safety is very important. Driving against the sun during the day should have a good backlight field of vision, and at night, there should be a roof-mounted positioning light. Although this dump truck uses a flat-top cab, it still uses the "bangs" of the tractor sun visor, which may be felt by the truck drivers to be insignificant.
The chrome-plated "SITRAK", trim strips and Sinotruk logo are the exclusive signs of SITRAK, making the simple front face full of ritual.
Considering the working environment of the dump truck, the metal bumper has become very practical, and the tough bumper also seems to convey to us the information of the solid chassis.
The bumper is installed in the form of open screws, which is convenient for card users to maintain the vehicle in the later period. Due to various reasons, bumpers are often bumped, and the metal material will reduce the damage to the bumper. In fact, the bumper will inevitably be scratched, and the open screw form will also be more convenient for sheet metal maintenance.
The tow hook in front of the bumper is hidden behind the license plate holder. The opening method is to open the license plate holder, turn the tow hook handle 90 degrees, and then lift it upward; the tow hook has its own locking function after it is closed to prevent it from decoupling during use.
The boarding pedal under the license plate frame is designed with hollow protrusions to increase the friction force. At the same time, the bracket surrounding the boarding pedal is opened and the next-level boarding pedal with a slightly lower height is opened. The two-level boarding pedal is not very effective when used in summer, but in winter, it is very convenient to wear thicker clothes.
The air intake is attached to the left rear side of the cab and does not occupy any effective space, which is very convenient when taking and placing the spare tire. Different from the tractor, the door swing is cancelled under the door of this car, and it may be more convenient to open the door when getting on and off in a narrow venue.
● Model positioning dump truck, the interior is not inferior to the road version
When you open the car door, it is naturally full of "SITRAK" style. The design of the integrated audio system in the car door was only exclusive to passenger cars in the past.
The comfort is comparable to the airbag seat of a road tractor, and the driver can adjust the hardness, damping, height, etc. of the seat according to his body and riding needs.
The control buttons on the doors have a relatively high degree of electrification, and functions such as electric windows, electric adjustment of rear-view mirrors, heating of rear-view mirrors, and central locking are all available. The door has an independent air outlet, so you can feel the optimum temperature in all directions, no matter in spring, summer, autumn or winter.
The shape of the instrument panel is still very "SITRAK", with four small tables and two large tables displayed on both sides of the instrument panel.
A sleeper with moderate softness and hardness. Too hard a sleeper will aggravate fatigue, and if it is too soft, you will feel insecure lying down. Although the driver of the dump truck is not very dependent on the sleeper, the sleeper is still made of the same material as the tractor.
SITRAK G7H dump truck

● Double-stage filtration ensures power. Double-layer engineering frame
This SITRAK G7H dump truck is a mountain version dump truck built by Sinotruk in combination with the characteristics of domestic transportation conditions. It is equipped with a MAN Technology 400-horsepower MC11 engine with a maximum torque of 1900N m, and the gearbox is the HW19712 gearbox made by Sinotruk. Matching HW50 power take-off. Here, drivers can also choose a power take-off such as HW70 to be used with the gearbox according to their own car needs.
The rear axle is an AC16 dual-stage drive axle with a speed ratio of 4.77, and the front axle is an HR9 front axle with disc brakes.
The tires are Chaoyang tires with a model of 12.00R20. According to the power system parameters and the truck home speed calculator, the speed ratio of the HW19712 gearbox when the highest gear is 12 is 1, and the theoretical calculation speed of the engine at 1400rpm is 60km/h. The positioning of the mountain version of this car, after all, in the case of load, driving in mountainous or plateau areas, 60km/h takes into account both safety and efficiency.
This G7H dump truck adopts the 8+8 double-layer engineering version of the frame and the integral disconnection suspension. The multi-leaf leaf spring suspension fixed by four horse-riding bolts is more suitable for running on the road with softer roadbed. The wheelbase is 1950mm+3525mm+1350mm.
In terms of other components of the chassis, the air filter system adopts a two-stage filtration process of primary oil filter and secondary air filter.
The closely-arranged design of fuel tank and urea tank is adopted by more and more OEMs. The fuel tank is an aluminum alloy fuel tank with a volume of 300L.
The after-treatment system is embedded between the two steering wheels on the right side. Under the reasonable arrangement, the chassis components are arranged in a neat and uniform manner.
The hydraulic oil tank is close to the lifting mechanism, shortening the lengthy pipelines, in terms of the use of card users and later maintenance.
The top is specially designed by Sinotruk for the transportation of sand and gravel. The corrugated box shape has the advantage of reducing the body weight and ensuring the strength of the top, killing two birds with one stone.

● Summary
Since the launch of SITRAK, more and more drivers have paid attention to it. Thanks to the excellent performance of SITRAK tractors truck, Sinotruk also catered to the needs of truck friends engaged in dump truck transportation, and created SITRAK truck dump trucks.

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