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HOWO A7 Used Dump Truck


HOWO A7 used dump truck is a new generation of heavy truck series developed by Sinotruk after more than two years of research and development, using more than 130 latest technology patents.


1. What is HOWO A7?

2. What are the applications of HOWO A7 used dump truck?

3. What are the features of HOWO A7 used dump truck?

4. Where to order HOWO A7 used dump truck?

5. Conclusion


1. What is HOWO A7?

From design concept to vehicle configuration, from beauty to practicality and reliability, from safety, economy to comfort and convenience, the HOWO-A7 heavy truck reflects Sinotruk’s leading product development strategy everywhere. As the achievement of SINOTRUK’s “Technology Leading Strategy”, HOWO-A7 has not only become the pinnacle of heavy trucks in China, but also led Chinese heavy truck industry to move quickly to the world’s advanced level.

HOWO A7 used dump truck

2. What are the applications of HOWO A7 used dump truck?

Things in the world are different. The 1 ton steam boiler price is different from 2 ton steam boiler for sale.  Similarly, different trucks have different prices, different models have different driving modes, and the same driving modes may have different wheelbases. Although the HOWO A7 used dump truck is a heavy-duty dump truck, the application scenarios are different.

Most areas use 6×4 dump trucks as muck trucks, because the wheelbase is short, and it is more convenient and flexible to turn on the road. However, some areas prefer to use 8×4 used dump trucks, which may be because they value its strong bearing capacity and large volume, which can reduce the total number of trucks used on the construction site. In addition, long-wheelbase models are suitable for road transportation, while short-wheelbase models are mainly used for short-distance transportation.

HOWO A7 used dump trucks are mainly used in the following scenarios:

Urban construction waste

Mining engineering

Road transport

3. What are the features of HOWO A7 used dump truck?

The positioning of the HOWO A7 dump truck is for the international market and the high-end heavy truck market in China. In the process of design and development, Sinotruk cooperated with world-class suppliers to design important components, and in accordance with international key assembly design standards, combined with scientific research and development and embarked on a new road of international technical cooperation.

HOWO-A7 used dump truck adopts German ZF steering gear and oil pump, WABCO double-cylinder air compressor, jointly designed AMT transmission, SmartShift intelligent manual shifting system, German VOSS brake interface and other world-class technologies and products.

HOWO A7 used dump truck


The newly designed Sinotruk D12 series engine is the most representative heavy truck engine in China, with a power range of 340-460HP.

China National Heavy Duty Truck has developed a series of new technologies and achieved obvious differentiated results, making the D12 engine have good maneuverability. The large displacement and high power enable the vehicle to obtain power from low idle speed, and at the same time, its wide speed range enables the whole machine to obtain constant power value and maximum torque value. This characteristic determines the perfect fuel economy and drivability of the D12 engine. Exquisite manufacturing and assembly processes make the engine overhaul mileage more than 1 million kilometers.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, Sinotruk also customized D10 series engines (270HP-380HP) for HOWO A7 used dump truck. The D10 series engine adopts the technology of independent innovation – supercharger mid-position. The application of this technology has brought about substantial changes in the intake and exhaust system, smooth intake, concise exhaust, and better fuel economy.

Both D10 and D12 engines meet the Euro 3 emission standards.


AMT is the standard technology for high-end heavy trucks in the world, and 50% of trucks in Europe are equipped with AMT gearboxes. The launch of Sinotruk SMARTSHIFT-AMT enables users to enjoy the operating comfort of international high-end heavy-duty trucks, thus elevating China’s heavy-duty truck technology to the ranks of the world’s advanced heavy-duty trucks!

Sinotruk’s SMARTSHIFT transmission is an electronically controlled, automatic transmission with 16-speed transmission, which is like a highly skilled driver driving a truck, with higher fuel efficiency.

The gearbox is suitable for various working conditions. Using SINOTRUK’s SMARTSHIFT, drivers can focus more on driving and the surrounding traffic environment and respond in a timely manner. The driver can still manually shift gears. Switch to manual mode and use the control handle to select the appropriate gear. Trucks with SMARTSHIFT have no clutch pedal, and gear shifting is fully automatic.

Drive axle

HW12, 16 series single and double axles are the largest and strongest single-stage reduction axles developed by Sinotruk, which are close to the world-class level. Continuous technical improvement over the past few years has made the technology of the middle and rear axle assembly mature and durable. HW16 speed ratio 3.73, 4.22; HW12 speed ratio 3.91, 4.875, 5.833

HC16, ST16 wheel reduction axle. HC16 cast axle housing is used for engineering vehicles, with a speed ratio of 4.42, 4.8, and 5.73. ST16 stamping axle housing can be used for road vehicles with speed ratios of 3.93, 4.42, 4.8, 5.11 and 5.73.

HOWO A7 used dump truck


The front of the cab is beautiful and atmospheric, and the wide windshield brings a wider field of vision. The combination rearview mirror, main rearview mirror and wide-angle rearview mirror have electric adjustment function and electric heating function. The wind resistance coefficient is as low as 0.57, which greatly reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle and reaches the world’s advanced level.

The newly designed combined headlight assembly saves installation space. The lamps and lanterns are arranged in a staggered manner, and the visual effect is simple and clear, which provides a good observation and vision for driving at night.

A 400-liter aluminum alloy fuel tank is standard. An optional 600-liter aluminum alloy oversized fuel tank is also available. The 600-liter large fuel tank on one side (with combined pedals) and its high-strength and light-weight materials are the new standard for international heavy trucks, enabling the A7 tractor to have a super endurance of more than 1,500 kilometers.

The interior of the cab is made of warm colors to make the cab interior more warm and comfortable. The overall wrap-around instrument panel, with all operating keys reasonably arranged, is within easy reach. Multiple large storage spaces are easily accessible between the raise of your hand. The pedal-type locking steering wheel can be adjusted in height and angle in all directions according to the driver’s operating habits and body shape. The electronically controlled automatic air conditioner and heating air conditioner have a unique integrated design. It has a uniquely designed ventilation system, with excellent air circulation performance, which can effectively remove dust and odors.


The longitudinal beam of the HOWO A7 used dump truck adopts a new generation of high-strength materials, and the tensile strength exceeds 820Mpa. Single-layer longitudinal beam, 300×90×8, 90mm airfoil width enables the frame to obtain greater bending and torsional strength, and the chassis performance is more stable. While the bearing capacity is better than the original frame, the weight of the whole vehicle is reduced by about 100 Kilogram.

HOWO A7 used dump truck

4. Where to order HOWO A7 used dump truck?

If you are looking for a HOWO A7 used dump truck supplier, there may be many merchants to choose from in the market. Many companies offer used dump trucks for sale, but not all have the same features or quality as us.

Zhengzhou Talenet Tech Co., Ltd. has rich experience and expertise in selling and exporting used dump trucks. If you have performance, durability issues, our professional team can help you find a solution.

If you are ready to order a HOWO A7 used dump truck, please contact us today and we will be happy to work with you. You can also visit our website to learn more about our products and services.

5. Conclusion

HOWO A7 dump truck with more than 130 new patented technologies, with its gorgeous and noble image, detached and rich quality, and majestic and heroic momentum, shows the leadership style of the highest status of contemporary Chinese heavy-duty trucks. If you are looking for a used dump truck, HOWO A7 used dump truck must meet your demands.



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