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HOWO TH7 460HP Used Dump Truck


HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck is a model of HOWO TH7, which is a high-end heavy duty truck of Sinotruk


1. What is HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck?

2. Why does HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck sell well?

3. How much is HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck?

4. Conclusion

1. What is HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck?

HOWO TH7 used dump truck is a high-end heavy duty truck of Sinotruk, with horsepower from 460HP to 550HP.

A heavy duty truck is a type of vehicle that is specifically designed to carry heavy loads. These vehicles are usually used by construction companies, mining companies, and transportation companies because they can carry large amounts of materials. Examples of heavy duty trucks include dump trucks, tractor trailers, and flatbed trucks.

Today we are talking about one of the models, HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck.

HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck

2. Why does HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck sell well?

Since being sold as a used dump truck, the HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck has been one of the best-selling trucks. Why is it so popular? We can start with the following points.


Dump trucks are designed to last for many years, which is just one of the reasons it can be so expensive to buy a new one. For this reason, many buyers look for used dump truck options. However, you should be aware that there are risks involved with buying a used dump truck. So the warranty provided by some suppliers is necessary. HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck sold by Zhengzhou Talenet has a one-year warranty so that you don’t need to worry too much.


The engine is a diesel engine. It’s a 6-cylinder engine with turbocharger, which can produce up to 460 hp and 2200 Nm torque.

Emission standard

The emission standard of HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck is EURO 5, which stricter to ensure compliance. On the basis of the Euro 4 engine, corresponding adjustments are made according to the different technical routes adopted in the Euro 4 stage. Therefore, Euro 5 engine is more environmentally friendly.


15370kg is the rated load of this truck, which means that it can carry up to 15370 kg of cargo(But you can also load more cargo if legal).


The gearbox consists of 12 forward gears and 2 reverse gear, which allows it to reach its maximum speed of 62km/h on flat terrain when fully loaded with timber as well as overcome obstacles such as slopes or steep inclines without difficulty due to its excellent torque characteristics.

HOWO TH7 390HP used dump truck

The overall

The HOWO TH7 460HP Used Dump Truck has a working range of 1,500-3,000kg. The capacity is about 24m3 and the dump height can be adjusted to 0-2m by means of hydraulic control cylinders on each side of the bed. The engine is Weichai WP12.460E62 with a displacement of 11.6L and power output of 338kW at 1900rpm with an overall efficiency rate at 81%.

3. How much is HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck?

Depending on the condition of the truck, a HOWO TH7 460HP used dump truck is worth about $20,000 to $40,000. If you want a cheaper price, welcome to inquire us.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, we highly recommend the HOWO Th7 460hp used dump truck as a truck to buy. We have thoroughly tested it and found it to be very reliable and sturdy. It is also very easy to operate. The comfort level of this truck is also high due to high quality seats, a comfortable cabin and many modern equipment installed in it. Safety was ensured by ABS, ASR, EBS systems that were put into place for the driver`s safety. All these features are available at a reasonable cost which makes it an attractive vehicle for those looking for such trucks. We hope that you will find our review helpful when deciding on whether or not this product will meet your needs!

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