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Dump Truck: Light Duty Dump Truck Cost


Light duty dump trucks are used for small scale loading and unloading jobs. Light duty dump trucks have a load capacity of up to 3 tons and are sometimes called compact or intermediate class dump trucks. These types of vehicles generally have two axles, but may have four. They are often used in construction sites for moving dirt and other materials from one place to another.

What are the main classifications for dump trucks?

Light Duty Dump Trucks

Light duty dump trucks are designed to carry loads under 10 tons. They often feature a small, compact design and low capacity. They’re commonly used for construction, landscaping and other light industrial applications.

Medium Duty Dump Trucks

Medium duty dump trucks are designed to carry loads between 10 and 20 tons. These vehicles are often larger than their light-duty counterparts but still aren’t as large as heavy-duty dump trucks. Medium duty dump trucks can handle everything from construction work sites to quarries or mines – anywhere you need a truck that can haul more material than a typical pickup truck would be able to handle on its own!

Heavy Duty Dump Trucks

Heavy duty dump trucks are designed to carry loads of more than 20 tons. These vehicles are often used in construction and mining applications because they can handle very large amounts of material on a single trip. Typically, heavy duty dump trucks feature an enclosed cab, four-wheel drive and a diesel engine for maximum power.

What are light duty dump trucks?

Light duty dump trucks are smaller than medium duty dump trucks and are used for less demanding jobs. These smaller vehicles can carry smaller loads and travel shorter distances in shorter durations.

Light duty dump trucks are typically driven by one person, who operates the vehicle to carry materials from one location to another. This is known as a “dump cycle.” The driver uses hydraulic cylinders to raise or lower the bed of the vehicle so that it will open up onto an inclined surface, allowing him or her to empty its contents into that area.

If you’re planning on purchasing a light duty dump truck so that you can haul dirt and rocks around your construction site, then it’s important that you consider several factors when making your decision:

light duty dump truck

How much is the light duty dump truck capacity?

The capacity of a light duty dump truck

The capacity of a light duty dump truck depends on the dump truck bed, ranging from 3,500 to 5,000 pounds. This allows the vehicle to carry a variety of loads including:

Dirt and gravel

Construction debris


Light duty dump trucks are often used for landscaping, construction and other light-duty tasks. They offer an affordable option to perform these tasks without the need for a large, expensive vehicle. A 6-yard dump body holds up to 14 tons of material and can provide plenty of room for any job.


How many miles can a light duty dump truck last?

The mileage of a light duty dump truck can vary widely depending on the type of work you do, the terrain that you work in, and other factors.

The first factor is the engine. The more powerful your engine is, the longer it will last. A larger engine will also be able to haul heavier loads at a faster speed than a smaller one without becoming overworked or overheating too quickly.

The second factor is transmission type: automatic or manual? Automatic transmissions tend to last longer because they use less energy and are easier for drivers who aren’t familiar with trucks yet; but if there are frequent stops during work (for example when loading or unloading), then manual would be better as it requires less effort on behalf of driver so they won’t get tired as easily.

The third factor is suspension type: coilover or leaf spring? Coilovers are generally more expensive than leaf springs when it comes to purchasing them at first; but in the long run, they will save you money on maintenance and repairs because coils don’t break as easily under heavy loads like leaves do if not cared for properly (ie, greasing them up etc).

The last factor that affects how long your truck lasts is tire type: radial tires vs bias ply tires. Radial tires are more expensive than bias ply tires, but they last longer and are better at handling the weight of a heavy load. That said, if you’re only towing light loads (like an average family car), bias ply tires will work just fine for you; but if you plan on using your truck for hauling heavy loads like construction materials or machinery, then radial tires are definitely worth the extra cost.

light duty dump truck engine

How much fuel does a light duty dump truck use per hour?

Fuel consumption will vary depending on the size of the truck and the type of tires. For example, the larger a dump truck is, the more fuel it will use because there is more weight involved in hauling materials. Also, if you are using a light duty dump truck with wide wheels and large tires then your fuel consumption will be higher than if you were using a heavy duty dump truck with small wheels and skinny tires.

The type of dump truck engine and transmission used for your vehicle also affects how much fuel it consumes per hour. Some engines have better fuel efficiency than others because they have fewer moving parts or they use less power at idle speeds than other types of engines do (e.g., diesel vs gasoline). Transmission type can affect how much power goes into each tire too—for example: automatic transmissions may allow more power to go through each wheel than manual transmissions do because there’s less effort involved with shifting gears manually versus letting an automatic transmission do all the work for you!


How long do light duty dump trucks last?

The lifespan of a light duty dump truck

The lifespan of a light duty dump truck depends on the type of material it is used to transport. For example, a light duty dump truck loaded with sand will last longer than one used to transport gravel. On average, though, a light duty dump truck can last up to 20 years if properly maintained and kept in good working order.

Light duty dump trucks are designed to be more fuel efficient than other types of dump trucks because they have smaller engines and bodies that do not require as much power or weight to operate efficiently while still being capable of carrying heavy loads reliably during transportation from point A to point B.


How much does a light duty dump truck cost?

The price of a light duty dump truck

Light duty dump trucks can be purchased for around $30,000 – $50,000. However, if you are able to find an original model used one for less than $20,000 then that would be great! Don’t forget: some manufacturers offer new models without the option of buying used ones in order to save money on their bottom line (and make more profit!).



In conclusion, the light duty dump truck is an essential tool for any construction site. It can be used to transport materials and move dirt around quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for one of these trucks, it’s important that you find a reliable supplier who offers quality products at reasonable prices. We hope this post has been helpful in making your decision easier!


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