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Semi Trailer: Following the Tractor Truck


Semi trailer is a trailer designed to be pulled by a semi truck (or tractor truck).  Semi trailers are used in transporting goods across the country or around the world.

What is semi trailer?

A semi trailer, or semi-trailer, is a trailer that is pulled by a tractor truck. It is used to transport cargo. Its body is connected to the tractor unit by a fifth wheel device and it can be coupled with another semi trailer for longer loads. The term “semi” refers to its use on highways, where the typical legal limit for length of vehicles without special permits in most jurisdictions is 53 feet (16 m).

A typical cargo capacity for an average size semi trailer may range from 7 to 50 tons depending on the size and model of the vehicle in question. Semi trailers are often used for transporting large loads over great distances; however they are not limited to just this purpose as they can also be used for local deliveries within cities or towns as well as transporting smaller shipments around industries such as construction sites where other types of vehicles might not have enough capacity or capability.

tractor truck with semi trailer

Why is it called a semi trailer?

You may be wondering why the term “semi” is attached to this particular type of truck. That’s a good question!

The answer lies in the fact that semi trailers are literally half of a full trailer—they don’t have their own front axle and must therefore be towed by another vehicle. The reason they’re called semi trailers is because they’re only half as long as their full counterparts (typically), which means they can be transported on top of larger vehicles without being damaged in transit.


What is the difference between a semi trailer and a full trailer?

Semi trailer vs full trailer

Semi-trailers do not have a front axle and a significant portion of their weight is managed by road tractor equipment. It usually has “legs” (grounding devices) that decrease to keep it upright when it is detached from the device.

A complete trailer has front and rear axles, and a drawbar that securely attaches the trailer to the carrying system.

Semi-trailers can often bring larger loads and offer a better ton ratio between tare and fill weight. Their longer cargo boxes make them ideal for hauling longer products.

If you’re going to be driving on snowy roads, a semi-trailer will provide better grip due to the weight on the tractor’s drive shaft.

Since full trailers have taxis, they have acquired their own industrial cargo capacity, while semi trucks require a road tractor to eventually become a cargo truck.

full trailer

A semi-trailer has a smaller turning circle than a full trailer, which makes it easier to manage. Having a single key moment also makes turning the semi-trailer easier. However, they have a larger center of gravity, making them easier to tip over than a full trailer with a more rigid structure. Since semi-trailers are detachable, they are not tightly attached to the trailer. This makes them vulnerable to buckling when not fully driven.

Often, businesses that must deliver goods to multiple locations use full trailers, where only a portion of the load is unloaded. They are mainly used for short-distance transportation to manufacturing facilities, warehouses, terminals and ports. In contrast, a semi-trailer is usually used to transport the entire load to one provided location. This also means that they are used to carry heavier and larger tonnages than full trailers.

More details can be seen in the article Semi Trailers or Full Trailers

How many types of semi trailers are there?

Types of semi trailers

Semi trailers come in many different types. The most common types include refrigerated, dry and flatbed trailers.

The refrigerated type is used for transporting food and other perishables. This type of trailer has a compartment that keeps the temperature at 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

The dry type is used for transporting goods that are not perishable, such as furniture or paper products. This type of trailer does not have any special cooling systems or heating systems installed in it—it simply has basic insulation and ventilation systems.

Flatbed trailers are used for transporting large items like cars., motorcycles or other machinery which cannot be carried by standard semi trailers because they do not have enough space between them to attach them without damaging their surfaces

flatbed semi trailer

What are semi trailers used for?

The application of semi trailers

A semi trailer is a vehicle used to transport cargo, vehicles, or equipment. It consists of four parts: the tractor unit (also called the prime mover), the semi-trailer itself and two guide bars—one on each side.

The tractor unit pulls one or more semi-trailers. If a fifth wheel is used in place of a coupler to connect it to the tractor unit’s cab, then this fifth wheel must be centered over the axle(s) in order for smooth travel and steering ability.

Semi trailers can also be used to transport livestock, because they allow for even weight distribution throughout the entire vehicle. This ensures that no part of the semi-trailer is overloaded with cargo.


How much is semi trailer?

The price of a semi trailer

The price of a semi trailer depends on the size, make and model you choose. The average cost ranges from $8,000 to $30,000 depending on what size you need and where you live. Some brands are more expensive than others but overall it costs around $15,000 for an average semi trailer.

The price will also vary depending on whether or not it’s new or used so make sure that you check this before buying one!



Semi-trailers are an integral part of the freight transport industry. They have a number of applications, from transporting goods across long distances to carrying dangerous cargo or hazardous materials, and they’re everywhere you look. The price range for these vehicles varies depending on the size, features, and manufacturer but can be anywhere from $4K-$50K (or even more). If you want more information about semi-trailers and how much does it cost? Check out our blog post here!


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