<h2 class="wp-block-post-title">Truck Guide: 6 Tips to Choose a Good Semi-Trailer Truck</h2>

Truck Guide: 6 Tips to Choose a Good Semi-Trailer Truck


Semi-trailer truck is one of the most important vehicles. They’re used by many industries, including the military, manufacturing, and transportation. This article will discuss something about it.

What is semi-trailer truck?

Semi-trailer truck is a type of truck that is designed to carry one or more trailers. When you see these large vehicles, you may wonder why they have an extra set of wheels on the back. The answer is simple: to support their loads.

Semi-trailer trucks are also known as tractors. They pull trailers behind them and can be used for many different purposes including pulling heavy loads and driving around cities with cargo on board. Semi-trailer trucks are especially common when transporting goods across long distances because they can carry a lot of weight—often up to 80,000 pounds at once!


Why is it called a semi-trailer truck?

The name “semi-trailer truck” comes from the fact that this vehicle has both a tractor truck and a semi-trailer attached to it. The term “semi-trailer” refers to the cargo container that is attached to the back of the vehicle, while “truck” refers to both parts together (i.e., you can’t have just a trailer or just a tractor).

To connect the two parts of your semi-trailer truck, some truck manufacturers use what’s known as fifth wheel hitch – basically, there’s an extra pivot point between them where they connect up so that they move together in perfect synchronicity for maximum efficiency on the road!

HOWO tractor truck

What is the difference between semi-truck and trailer?

The main difference between a semi-truck and trailer is that the tractor refers to the cab, while the trailer is attached to it. A semi-truck with an attached trailer is called simply a “semi,” while those without are referred to as “tractor trucks.”

A semi-truck (or truck) is typically an 18 wheeler, but there are also 16 wheelers and even 8 wheelers.

semi-trailer truck

How does a semi-trailer truck work?

The semi-trailer has only one rear axle. The front of the semi-trailer sits not on the wheels, but on the back of the truck. The front legs can be lowered when storing or loading semi-finished products. The semi-trailer is attached to the tractor truck, which hauls the cargo onto the highway.

The two machines are connected by a coupling device. There is a fifth wheel on the tractor. Semi-trailers contain something called a kingpin. This fits into the slot under the fifth wheel and connects the two pieces to make it work. Together they built a tractor truck.

There are different models of semi-trailers. With a fleet of different semi-trailers and tractors, we can transport almost any type of cargo for our customers.

coupling device

How much does  a semi-trailer truck cost?

How much does a new semi-trailer truck cost?

Typically, a new semi-trailer truck costs $100,000 to $200,000. These prices depend on which vehicle you think will meet your needs and expectations.

The average cost of a new semi-trailer truck

The average cost of a new truck depends on the model.

Low end: $99,000

Mid-end: $150,000

High end: $200,000+.

Start by determining which models fit your needs, make a list, and compare prices.

Benefits of buying a new truck

Better experience: The new truck performs well in all aspects

Better Warranty: Covers major damage or performance issues

More economical: New trucks can drive more miles

How much does a used semi-trailer truck cost?

When trying to decide between a new or used semi-trailer truck, the price will be a deciding factor. How much does a used one cost? On average, a used semi-trailer truck costs around $180,000. The old model was less than half the price of a new truck.

The average cost of a used truck

Like new trucks, used semi-trailer trucks have different prices. Based on features, age, etc., the average price ranges are as follows:

High end: $180,000+

Mid-range: $100,000

Low end: $35,000

Obviously, the average cost of a used semi truck is relatively low. But buyers should shop around before making a final decision.

The advantages of buying a used tractor truck

Less risk

Cheaper upfront cost

Lower depreciation

The decision to choose a new or used truck can be difficult. This is a tedious process that requires careful examination of the pros and cons.



Semi-trailer truck is a type of truck which is widely used in the transportation of goods. If you want to carry more cargo, it is a good choice for you.


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