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Truck Guide: 8 Different Types of Dump Trucks


There are many types of dump trucks that you can use in your business. The type you need depends on a number of factors including the size of the truck you are looking for and what it will be used for. Here is some information about each type so you can make an informed decision about which one will work best for your needs:

What is another name for a dump truck?

You may hear a dump truck referred to as a tipper truck, crane truck or even a truck and trailer. These terms all refer to the same type of vehicle. The word “tipper” is used in the UK and Ireland. In North America it’s more common to call it a dump truck.

In some parts of Europe, trucks with container bodies are called lorries (lorries), however in others they’re known as semi-trailers.

types of dump trucks

What are the sizes of different types of dump trucks?

Small dump trucks

Small dump trucks are typically 4 to 8 cubic yards in size and are used for a variety of jobs, including paving, land clearing, and other hauling tasks.

Medium-sized dump trucks

Medium-sized dump trucks typically have capacities ranging from 10 to 20 cubic yards. They’re often used for moving dirt around construction sites or delivering gravel.

Large dump trucks

Large dump trucks range between 20 and 50 cubic yards in capacity and can haul as much as 100 tons of material at once! This makes them ideal for moving earth in areas where there isn’t much infrastructure like roadways or railways.

Some large dump trucks can even be outfitted with attachments like bucket scoops that allow them to lift heavy machinery onto flatbed trailers so it can be transported from one location to another without having to use multiple vehicles with different capacities along the way.

Extra large dump trucks

Extra large dump trucks (also known as super dumps) have capacities well over 50 cubic yards—some up into hundreds! The mining dump truck in previous are the types of dump trucks.

The largest ones carry more than 150 tons at once! Their increased size allows them not just greater carrying power but also greater maneuverability when working on rough terrain where smaller vehicles would struggle due largely due their lower center gravity heights combined with wider wheel spacing between axles/tires which leads them being less stable under stress induced by shifting weight distribution while moving uneven terrain conditions during operation.


What are the different types of dump trucks?

There are many types of dump trucks, including:

Standard Dump Truck

They are the most common types of dump trucks, and it’s a vehicle that can be used for any type of work. The standard dump truck is a flexible vehicle with a variety of industrial uses. The bed is usually flat with an open top and often has three or four axles, such as our hte selling product, HOWO A7 used dump truck.

HOWO A7 used dump truck

Since these dump trucks are built on a standard truck chassis, they are road-friendly, but the types of dump trucks cannot pass through loose soil and rough terrain conditions. As a result, standard dump trucks are mostly used in residential-type construction sites, street construction, and agricultural-type applications.

Super Dump Truck

These trucks are similar to standard dump trucks but have larger beds that can carry more weight than regular ones do due to a liftable rear axle. Because they’re so heavy duty, super dumps will cost more than their smaller counterparts do; however, if you need something bigger than a standard dump truck then this is worth paying extra for!

Side Dump Truck

Side dump trucks can unload cargo from the side of the dump box. These trucks are usually a combination of semi trucks and trailers. Side dump trucks often pull different trailers to vary the amount of cargo being transported.

This kind of trailer has its own loading arm instead of being attached directly onto another vehicle (like a semi-trailer). It’s made primarily out of metal instead of wood like most trailers would be today (because wood isn’t as durable). These types of dump trucks tend to have four axles instead five like other models might have.

Semi-Truck Trailer End Dump Truck

The types of dump trucks uses a trailer with an open bottom to carry materials like dirt or rocks. The trailer can be detached from the cab and driven to another destination where it’ll be unloaded.

These trailers are attached to the back of semi trucks, which also means they can be very heavy. They’re often used for hauling gravel or other materials that need to be dumped into large piles without having someone around to unload them themselves.

Semi-Truck Trailer Bottom Dump Truck

Semi-trailer bottom dump trucks have a close-up setup to semi-trailer end dump trucks, but the trailer has alternate shapes and unloading procedures. Bottom or bottom dump trucks are also known as belly dump trucks because the cargo is dumped from the bottom or perimeter of the bin.

These dump trucks spend most of their time transporting grain for farming or food creation, in addition to transporting sand.

Articulated Dump Truck

This is an excellent dump truck that can be used on rough terrain. Due to poor road conditions, the articulated dump truck has excellent performance. It can be used for waste disposal purposes, for processing small and large materials, for quarrying as well as for mining purposes.

Transfer Dump Truck

Transfer dump trucks are dump trucks with altered or modified dump boxes. Transfer dump trucks can move stacks or load boxes from uncommon trailers into their own dump boxes. These trucks are suitable for working on common roads and highways around towns and urban communities.

Winter Weather Dump Truck

Such dump trucks are used as snow removal vehicles. These are standard large dump trucks with changes made to work within this limit – snow plow blades are mounted on the front of the truck for shoveling snow on the road. Dumpsters can be used to transport salt, which is sprinkled on roads to keep the surface from freezing.


What is the most popular dump truck?

The tandem dump truck is the most popular dump truck on the market. The tri-axle dump truck is the second most popular dump truck, and it can be found in many places that have large loads to transport.

The tandem dump trucks are designed with a pair of axles so they have a large carrying capacity. They also have a longer wheelbase than other types of dump trucks, which gives them more stability when driving on steep roads. Tandem trucks are built with a low center of gravity to reduce overturning risks while traveling down slopes or uneven terrain.

Tri-axle dump trucks are designed with three axles to increase the carrying capacity and stability of these trucks. Tri-axles are designed for heavy loads but still need to be lightweight so that they can carry large amounts of cargo without being too much of an inconvenience.

HOWO tri axle Dump Truck

What types of dump trucks are best?

As with other types of vehicles, there are many factors to consider when choosing the best dump truck for your needs. A professional can help guide you through the process and make sure you get what’s right for your application.

The obvious answer is that the best dump truck is one that meets your needs. The trouble is, what does that mean? If a manufacturer says their model has “the highest lift capacity,” but it costs twice as much as another brand with a similar capacity but less power—does that mean it’s better?

That depends on how much work you’re doing, whether or not those extra features matter to you (and if they do), and what kind of budget you have available. It also depends on how experienced in purchasing this type of equipment someone like yourself may be: Do they know exactly what they need or not? In short: What type of customer are we talking about here?

If you’re an experienced contractor looking for a dump truck that meets your exact specifications, then yes, the best choice might be one with all the bells and whistles. But if you’re new to purchasing this type of equipment, it might make more sense to start with something simpler—like an older model that’s been well maintained and still has some life left in it. If neither option fits exactly what’s needed, there are other options out there.


How to choose suitable types of dump trucks?

You need ask yourself the following questions and find their answers.

What is the purpose of the dump truck?

In most cases, dump trucks are used on construction sites and in factories. They can also be used to transport materials such as sand, gravel, clay or sandstone.

What is your budget?

The price range of different types of dump trucks varies greatly depending on their functionality and performance capabilities. If you need a small one that only carries light loads (2 tons or less), you will probably find something suitable for under $10 000. Large models that carry up to 100 tons may cost over $1 million!

What size do you need?

Dump trucks come in many different sizes from 3 cubic meters up to well over 100m³ capacity! The size depends on how much material needs to be carried away; if it’s just a few bags then maybe you don’t even need a truck at all!

How does the operating environment affect your choice?

If it is cold out there, then an insulated container may be required to keep the load from freezing. In hot climates, however, this isn’t necessary and instead a refrigerated unit may be needed if you have perishable goods like food or medicines on board.

What is the temperature range?

Most dump trucks are not equipped with air conditioning but can be modified at an additional cost by adding specialized insulation liners or using smaller wheels that sit in a pit to keep the load cooler.

How much weight can your new truck carry?

The payload capacity is also important. If it’s not enough then you will have trouble loading up enough material at once which means more trips back and forth between sites.



Above are 8 types of dump trucks, you can choose a suitable according to your needs. If you’re looking for something specific then be sure to talk with several dealers before making your final decision so that you can get exactly what you want at an affordable price.


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