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Single Axle Semi Truck: How Much Is the Price


Single axle semi trucks are one of the most common type of semi trucks. In this article, we’ll cover something you need to know about single axle semi trucks including what they are used for, how much they cost and more!

What is single axle semi truck?

A single axle semi truck is a truck with a single axle, which means that the weight of the load must be carried on the frame of the truck. In other words, if you have a typical 20-foot shipping container on your trailer and it weighs 8,000 lbs., then all of those 8,000 lbs. are being supported by that single axle.

Single axle semi trucks are also known as straight trucks and are designed to be used with a single trailer, which is why they do not have any axles on the back. These types of trucks usually carry heavy loads and have a high payload capacity compared to other types of semi-trucks.

Single axle semi trucks are also known as “tandems” or “semis”. They can be found in many different industries including: construction (road building/maintenance), waste transporters and local hauling operations.

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What can a single axle semi truck haul?

The capacity of single axle semi truck

A single axle semi-truck can haul cargo or freight in the range of 5,000 to 20,000 pounds on a flatbed trailer. The weight limit depends upon the load distribution and stability of your vehicle.

A single axle semi-truck is designed for hauling only one type of commodity or product, such as food and beverage products, construction materials or machinery parts. They’re not meant for hauling anything else other than one specific kind of cargo or freight.


What are single axle semi trucks for?

Single axle semi trucks are used for hauling heavy loads, large loads and long distances. They can be used for short distances as well.

Heavy loads

When you have a lot of freight to haul and can’t make multiple trips due to time constraints or lack of manpower, single axle semi trucks are the answer. They can handle heavy-duty loads that larger trailers wouldn’t dare carry.

Large Loads

If you’re transporting something large enough to require several people to move it across city blocks or even on the highway, then single axle semi trucks are perfect since they don’t require a trailer hitch and therefore don’t take up valuable space in your vehicle’s bed or trailer area where other items could be stored instead!

Long Distance Transportation

Since these trucks typically have smaller wheelbases than standard models (the distance between tires), they’re able to maneuver around tight spots while still maintaining maximum control over your cargo at all times.

Short Distance Transportation

If you’re only going to be using your single axle semi truck for a short distance, then there’s no reason not to consider one of these rigs as an option. They’re perfect if you’re moving something heavy or large and don’t want to pay the higher price tag associated with larger models that require more fuel consumption than what’s necessary.


What is the difference between single and double axle semi truck?

When you think of a semi truck, the first thing that comes to mind is probably an 18-wheeler. However, there are many different types and sizes of semi trucks, including single-axle and double-axle varieties.

The terms “single” and “double” refer to how many axles the truck has; a double-axle has two axles while a single does not have any. While both types can be used for hauling cargo or trash, they are not interchangeable in terms of what they’re best at transporting—a double-axle semi truck is better suited for hauling heavy loads while a single can haul more weight overall because it doesn’t have to compensate for the extra axle’s weight when it’s transporting its load.

What is better single or double axle semi truck?

Single axle semi trucks are more fuel efficient and offer a cheaper, lighter alternative to the standard double-axle truck. They can still carry a similar weight load, but the single axle option is usually less stable than its counterpart.

Single-axle semi trucks are generally used for short hauls or light loads, such as construction equipment or large appliances. They’re also popular among smaller businesses that don’t need to haul heavy loads regularly. Single axles can also be an attractive choice for some drivers because of their greater fuel efficiency compared with doubles (3% to 5%, according to one estimate).

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How much is single axle semi truck?

The average cost of a new single axle semi truck is $200,000. This is the cost you’ll pay if you want to buy one for your business and use it for your cross country deliveries.

If you decide to rent a single axle semi truck instead of buying one, expect to pay about $2,000 – $3,000 per month. The rental fee depends on the length of time that you need it and how often you’re going to use it.



Whether you’re looking for a single axle semi truck or double axle, we have the perfect vehicle for your needs. If you need help finding the right vehicle for your business needs, then give us a call today!


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